Do I Need a Web Designer?

do i need a web designer

How do I know if I need a web designer?

A very legitimate question when planning to build a website, is whether or not a professional web designer will be needed. Many times, this is a question clients don’t consider, they figure the digital agency will work it all out, and it should just be included in the price of the website. Here are some questions to ask yourself and your team, to clear up some of the pre-website myths.

What is a web designer?

A web designer and a web developer, by definition are 2 different things. A web developer takes a design, and writes code to make it function and look proper. A web designer, builds out a design, generally in tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, or InDesign, based on meetings with clients, and what the client has proposed they want for look and feel.

Can I just design my own website and send it to you for coding?

We can work with your design, and only quote the actual development of the website or app, but let’s clarify what a design is:

  • Views A website design contains pages laid out in mobile, tablet, and desktop views, so the developer does not have to guess at what you may want the site to look like on an iPhone for instance.
  • Pages A website design should have all the pages designed out, at least pages that will not have the same template layout. If you have product pages for instance, and they all have the same layout, those can all be in one page of design. As a general rule, we see a minimum of a home page, about page, team page, contact page, but can include several other pages, such as galleries, products, and more.
  • Quality A developer will have to be able to open the design and understand the look and feel of it. If the design does not look clear, and cannot be understood, we cannot do our job coding it. We generally like something in Sketch, Photoshop, or InDesign. A great tool for online prototyping, is Invision.
  • What a web design is not A proper web design, is NOT a list of websites that you like, expecting for us to just pull together something out of our heads, from a dozen websites you like the feel of. We are more than happy to do this, but it will add design hours to your quote. Generally this is something we will end up doing with a base fee, then hourly for revisions. We know everyone is not a designer, and are happy to accomadate.
  • Recommendations If you want a quality website, built custom for your business, spend the money and time getting a proper design built. Make sure your designer considers UX (user experience), and asks plenty of questions about your needs, and expectations. The look and feel of your website or app, is generally the first face a potential client see’s when researching your company.
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