Reputation Management

One of the most important things to consider in business, is how the public and more specifically your potential clients see you and your company. Things like reviews, testimonials and social media posts, can really make or break you. Reputation Management is the art of monitoring everything that is posted about your business, and immediately addressing good and bad when it comes out.

As a business, it can be almost impossible to make everyone happy, a plumbing company, that offers the best service, top-notch work, and fast response, can still end up with a customer that is just not going to be satisfied, whether they feel like they spent more than the service was worth, don’t want to pay, etc. These are not your fault, yet when they leave a 1-star review, and write about your business, trying to put you in a bad light, what are you to do?

This is where US SEO Pros Reputation Management service comes in. We monitor your business name throughout social media, all review websites, and all across Google and Bing. Any mention of your company is immediately reviewed, and either pushed to your website and social media, or the appropriate steps are taken to address the negative review as fast as possible.

Reputation Management

There are different strategies that we take with negative reviews. First and foremost, we get with you, and make a plan of action to speak with the person that submitted the review and see if the issue can be resolved, and have them remove it themselves. This cannot always be successful, but it is the easiest way to handle it.

If they are unwilling to remove the bad review, our next step is to look at the situation, and see if the review is unwarranted, and if it falls into the category of review removal from the site where it is being displayed, (ie. Google, Yelp, etc.). This is not always successful, but it’s the next step.

Finally, if this does not work, our team begins the process of burying the review. This takes time, and a fair amount of effort, and does not actually remove the review, it just buries is deep, so it’s not as likely to be found.

What can I do?

The best thing to do, is to give your best to your customers, and keep a good business relationship with each and every one. Following up with every customer, no matter how big or small, is also very important, a manager or owner calling each customer at the end of the day, just to follow up and make sure there are no questions or concerns, can prevent 99% of bad reviews. Our reputation management team handles this for you and ensures every customer had a good experience or works with you and them to resolve the issue if there is one. We also then lead each one into submitting a positive review for you.

Once we establish a business relationship with you, we will run a scan to find all mentions of your business on the internet, and break it down into positive and negative mentions. If you do not have social media, we will discuss setting that up for you. Your business needs to be able to address any concerns publicly when and if they come out. Once we have found every mention of your company, and have it all broken down, we will discuss options and strategies to take care of negative mentions, and promotion of positive ones across all reviews websites and your website. Your monitoring will begin immediately, and you can focus on your business.

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