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Search Engine Optimization

Todays advertising power is in online search engines. Where businesses in Dallas used to advertise strongly in yellow pages, now they type a search term into a search engine. If they need a painter, or mechanic or even the answer to life’s deepest questions, Search engines have become the way to find the answer.

Your business in Dallas is an answer to someones problems. Whether they need a toilet unstopped, or a car accident lawyer, someone who needs this service is likely to type into the search box something like “Dallas Attorney”. The validation that comes with an online giant like Google, telling your potential customers that you are one of the best attorneys in Dallas is at the very core of why search engine ranking is so important to your business.

SEO Customer Exclusivity

We provide exclusivity to all of our clients. We will not help your competition when you are our customer. We either help you or your competition. If you are based in Dallas Texas for instance, you will be our only customer in Dallas, as long as you are our client.

Keyword Research

US SEO Pros spends a great deal of time and computation, studying popular keyword searches across the major search engines, to find out exactly what your potential customers are typing into that search bar when looking for services. This is key to your campaign, as it allows us to build keyword rich content that will rank well on the search engines, and tell the searcher that you are a good answer to their problem.

Voice SEO is now a key ingredient in SEO. Think about it, how often are you driving, or sitting at home, and pick up your phone and ask Siri for a plumber near me in Dallas? Keyword strategy has changes, as there are more mobile searches than desktop, and voice just adds to it.

If your Dallas business is not ranking in the top 5 results on the first page of a search engine, such as Google, there is little chance you are going to get much traffic at all. Being on top of the search results, standing apart and above of thousands or millions of competitors is no accident. Careful planning, strategy, and research go into every campaign we design and execute. You can rest assured your competition is spending the time and money to ensure their place in the top rankings, you should be doing the same.

We utilize research tools that help us understand just how your targeted customers are using search engines, what they are looking for in a company, and how their overall online behavior. Armed with this information, we can then move on to build out content, strategies and campaigns to let them know about your company, and why you are the best fit.

What is a Keyword?

People have certain behaviors when searching online, and in specific ways. Google is very good at deciphering this information, and understanding what they are looking for. For instance, type in a keyword at Google, and misspell it by a letter or 2. Google will pick up your original meaning and search for it for you. The word or words you type into the search bar, are called “keywords”. Each keyword will have a different SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position). Determining what keywords are popular for your targeted customers help us build the proper keyword rich content, which in turn, will tell Google you are the right match for the search.

Bringing visitors and converting them is at the core of what US SEO Pros does, we build out your onsite SEO to tell the search engines what you are offering, and what your services provide. We use proper protocol, such as head tags, alt tags, schema, and more, to speak the search engines language. This is just the basic part of the SEO strategy. We build out marketing campaigns, that will attract visitors, and draw traffic from determined sources, to build more qualified leads on your website. 3rd party directories, social media, and more are good outlets for this type of campaign.

Algorithms, Filters and Penalties

Something we commonly encounter are companies who have hired search engine agencies that have been too aggressive or used “black hat SEO” to accomplish rankings. Google is getting better and better at sorting out this spam and low quality content and taking these sites out of the top ranking positions. The goal of Google, is to give the best solution to a searchers problem, and with the least amount of hassle and spam.

On-page SEO

On Page SEO lays the foundation for high placement in search engine rankings and all other SEO related activities. It is comprised of many moving parts, including: technical SEO and quality content building. To achieve meaningful SEO results, you need to employ specific techniques. Technical SEO covers all the technical configuration aspects of your website such as meta data, URLs, redirects, header tags, optimal page layouts, sitemaps, and more, while the development of unique, quality content drives your traffic.

  • Keyword research and search intent
  • Statistics and reporting
  • Meta data / meta tags
  • Heading tags (h1, h2, etc.)
  • Rich schema markup
  • Keyword density including long-tail
  • Image optimization, including size, compression, and tags
  • Page Redirects (301/Canonical)
  • SEO-friendly URLs & links
  • Properly formatted XML sitemaps
  • Robots.txt file
  • Social media integration
  • Multi-browser compatibility
  • Properly optimized web content
  • Page speed optimization

Some of these updates are referred to by names like Penguin and Panda and if you have been filtered based on spammy or low quality content or on spammy low quality inbound links, you have been hit with a Google filter or penalty, and it is not easy to get out of that boat. One of the biggest problems we run across, are companies that have had several inbound links purchased for cheap, and have them coming in from all kinds of bad sites, such as porn, gambling, and more. Google frowns upon this practice.

One of our services includes recovery from updates like Penguin, and Panda from Google, to get back your ranking and traffic by getting rid of the spam or purchased links that Google has deemed are below it’s quality standards. It’s not easy, it takes time, and requires someone who really knows what to look for and how to do an algorithm recovery, but many websites can be brought back by a professional SEO who knows what to look for and how to go about disavowing the bad links, keeping the good and getting your site back in the eyes of Google.

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